Grading players Arsenal-Man United, Premier League game, match

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Grading players Arsenal-Man United, Premier League game, match, artillery opens the nest, cuts asthma 3-1: Player Ratings. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Arsenal player ratings

Aaron Ramsdale – 7
lost shot, almost saved by a forehand flick that hit the inside corner post. After that, there were not many save opportunities, the ball was release well, there were no mistakes.

William Saliba – 7
outstanding roles in defense Even though there are some missed moments But the overall picture is able to cope well with the Manchester United striker.

Ben White – 7
returns to starboard again. Has often promote to the top, playing normally just as well as the center position.

Oleksandr Zinchenko – 7
acts as an inverted full-back. Waiting for the ball to connect the game in the midfield.

Declan Rice – 8
controlled the game in midfield. He also scored a 2-1 lead for the team in injury time.

Martin Odegaard – 7
Scored the equalizing goal with a quick finish, then was the creator of the game. But there are still no beautiful children.

Kai Havertz – 5
It’s still another game where he hasn’t succeeded in proving himself. There were a lot of mistakes, especially close shots in the first half. But they almost called a penalty for the team as well.

Gabriel Martinelli – 7
outstanding performances on the flanks Using his speed and unique abilities to attack the opponent, he scored 1 assist from the opening moment for Odegaard to shoot.

Bukayo Saka – 7
has some opportunities to play with the ball. But today I was stuck and couldn’t do anything very well. There was 1 assist from the opening for Rice to score a 2-1 lead.

Eddie Nketiah – 5
Keeps the ball in the front line. There are some opportunities to play with wasps. But the timing of passing the game is always missed in this game.

Manchester United player ratings

André Onana – 6

Get the chance to play with the ball at your feet throughout the game. There were some nice save moments, but the 3 goals that were scored can be called disqualifying.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka – 6

Had a hard time controlling Gabriel Martinelli, but still had the opportunity to slide, sweep and win some duels.

Victor Lindelof – 6

Control the defensive game well. Able to deal with Eddie Nketiah well before being substituted at the end of the game

Lisandro Martinez – 6

Overall, it is consider to able to handle the flexibility of Arsenal offensive line well. Concentrating on the game at all times. But he was substitut early in the second half due to an injury.

Diogo Dalot – 7

Dealing with Bukayo Saka well, close, focusing on reading the rhythm even though his speed is inferior. Most of their roles are in defense and they rarely fill in.

Casemiro – 6

keep out the ball, control the midfield game. Which must be lowered There are some beautiful ball-out strokes to be seen.

Christian Eriksen – 7

Pass a beautiful ball for Rashford to slip into the shot. Then focus on chasing the ball in the middle of the field with good force and chasing until the end of the game.

Bruno Fernandes – 5

Today is consider relatively quiet. Quite a few balls came to him. Had to step back and help with the defense often, hardly having any creative moments throughout the game.

Marcus Rashford – 7

His first goal was successful thanks to his unique ability to cut singles and finish with the right hand. But after that it looks like it’s easy to lose the ball. And the final decision is still indecisive.

Anthony – 5

Relatively quiet on the left, easy to lose the ball and still not creating as many chances as usual.

Anthony Martial – 5

Come down and get the ball low and help chase the ball. But there is almost no role in the offensive game.