‘Keane’ warns the Lions’ team, ‘Trent’ cannot play in the middle.

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Roy Keane, the eloquent guru, confirmed that Trent Alexander-Arnold Unable to play in a midfield role for the England national team, citing the reason that this hybrid right-back cannot play

defensively, the “Reds” star boy has been named to the pre-Euro national team and He is expected to travel with the team to compete at Euro 2024 this summer in Germany.

Alexander-Arnold His game has evolved greatly over the years, transforming from a sassy right-back into a Merseyside hybrid midfielder.

While his creative contributions and assists are outstanding, Trent’s defense is still a source of criticism, and

Keane confirmed this by pointing out: That if the “Roaring Lion” army sends this hybrid player to play in the midfield He will certainly give them a job because of his defensive blind spot. Speaking on http://ufabet999.app to Football,

Keane said : “You put him [Trent Alexander-Arnold] in midfield. Can’t compete with top European teams. A match or two in the group stage they might be able to do that.” “But if you send Trent to play with a top national team. We probably need to talk a little about defense. Because he can’t play defense.” “I think Rice understands this well. He has played in this position for many games. I have no problem with Rice with this choice. But I’m still worried about the midfielder who will be playing alongside him.” “I think Trent, against a top team like France or Germany or whatever nation in the knockout round, if you put Trent in a midfield role.

Especially in the defensive game He can’t defend in midfield! You have to play defense as well in midfield.” “I don’t think he can do it. He walks around in defense. Look at the game against Everton, he wasn’t aggressive in defence. ‘When he’s on the ball, OK, I like him, but in the knockout stages the level of competition is different. England will go through the stage. group for sure But in knockout round, if Trent plays in midfield and has to play against a very good team. He will definitely be in trouble.”