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Benefits of watermelon.

 Watermelon is a delicious red fruit that is great for cooling off. Did you know that the properties of watermelon are also full of quality? There are a lot of antioxidants. Not a little fiber. Vitamins are not lacking at all.           Because more than 90% of watermelon’s components are water, when

What is a multivitamin? What are the health benefits?

Multivitamin are products designed to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in people with certain health conditions. or eating a normal diet that is not nutritious enough. There are many forms of multivitamins currently on sale. Such as tablets, capsules, effervescent tablets, powders and chewable tablets per day. Each brand

Health Benefits of Black Garlic.

Black Garlic is garlic that has been cured at a temperature of 60-80 degrees Celsius and high humidity for at least 1 month until it turns black. Has a sweet taste, less pungent smell and a sticky texture. It is popular to eat as a supplement

Complications of Obesity.

Obesity may increase the risk of developing health complications such as high blood pressure. hyperlipidemia Respiratory problems, asthma, irregular menstruation Bone pain, joint pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, gallbladder stones, diabetes,  liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke. Various cancers to more serious and chronic health problems. In addition, obesity can lead

Papaya Famous Fruit.

Papaya is a fruit with yellow-orange pulp. Covered with a thin green outer shell that turns orange or red as the fruit nears full ripeness. If not yet dissected Papayas do not emit any odor. But when peeled and cut open to expose the pulp.  exudes a sweet scent. In